Audience File Overview

How to make a .csv Audience File

An audience file creates the segmented cohorts (targeted groups) used for specific communications. Audience files take the contact IDs from your contact file(s) and groups them into audiences to send campaigns to.

Audience File Required Fields

  • contact_id: This id should match the records' ID from the contact file

A student must be included in the contact file in order to exist in the audience file. If a student’s contact_id exists only in the audience file, they will not be created in the Full Measure system, and will not receive any messages.

Warning: This file should only have ONE column

Audience File Naming

  • This file should clearly describe the students it comprises, the more specific the better
  • Junior Inquiries
  • Senior Inquiries
  • Incomplete Applications
  • Applied, No Transcript
  • Applied, No Test Score
  • Complete Applications
  • Event Registrations
  • Applied, No FAFSA
  • First Year Residents
  • Returning Residents