Campus Tour

Drive your students to take a campus tour

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What's Needed
What's Measured
- Drive accepted students to visit your campus
- Give a sense of what to expect on a tour and why taking a tour is so important at this stage
- Link to register for a visit
- Agenda items for a visit
- If there are special visits for accepted students, highlights of those visits
- Reasons why accepted students should visit again, even if they have previously visited
- Images of campus
- Learn which students want to take a look at campus. If visiting campus leads to accepted students eventually enrolling, engagement with this content block can drive more students towards that next step
- If students click to register for a visit, but don’t end up completing their registration, reach out to see if they needs help registering

Does your institution use the Campus Visit Experience? Make sure to link out to your on-campus and virtual campus tours📍

Campus Tour Content Block: Best Practices

Online or in-person, exploring campus is an important factor in every student's college decision. Invite students to tour your campus to help them envision themselves on campus, whether in-person or virtually. 

Does your institution use the Campus Visit Experience? Make sure to link out to your on-campus and virtual campus tours📍

Tour Headline Recommendations

Headline Text Tour Type
Explore Campus Virtual and In-Person
Experience [Mascot] Life Virtual and In-Person
<First name>, have you explored campus? Virtual and In-Person
Take a Virtual Tour Virtual
Come to Campus In-Person



Tour Subheaders Recommendations 

Subhead Text Tour Type
Can't make it to campus? No problem! Our campus tour video lets you gain a deeper understanding of our campus, and why our [mascots] love calling it home. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your tour! Virtual
 <firstname>, we're bringing campus to you. Take a virtual tour today and see why our students love calling campus home. Virtual
We understand you can't make it to campus right now, but that doesn't mean you can't experience life on campus. Click below to begin your tour. Virtual
Come discover why our students love calling [school's] campus home! Virtual and In-Person
Nestled in [acres] within the town of [hometown], [school] is the perfect environment to advance your education. Explore the campus our students love calling home. Virtual and In-Person

Tour Button Recommendations

Button Text Tour Type
[EXPLORE CAMPUS] Virtual and In-Person
[ALL CAMPUS TOURS] Virtual and In-Person


  • If partnered with Full Measure for the Campus Visit Experience, link to your tours via web and apps
  • Gallery of campus/student life photos
  •  Video tour (embedded from YouTube) of campus
  •  Link to external YouVisit page (or similar host)