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Content Card Image Size Requirements

Learn the recommended image sizes to use in the Full Measure platform.

Please follow these rules as you create content in the Full Measure platform:

  1. Do not upload a screenshot
  2. Upload to the platform as a JPEG only
  3. Max image width should be 1080px
  4. Quality should be kept at Med or High (don’t use the ‘Very High’ selection)
  5. Size of image should be below 1MB

Understanding BYTES: 
1MB = 1000000 Bytes & 1KB = 1000 Bytes 🤖
When looking at image sizing of a file, aim to be below 1 MB

How do you know the size of an image?

  1. From your Mac Finder, Right click > Get Info > General
    1. If image is larger than 1MB, the image is too big