CVE Client Campaign Examples

Examples of how other CVE partners use the campaign feature

Use the campaign feature to customize tour communications to visitors, maximize your outreach, and gain actionable insight on who to follow up with.

Andrew College

Have a group of inquiries or visitors you’d like to take a tour? Follow Andrew College’s lead and send a campaign to invite them to tour. Repurposing their “Invitation to Tour” content card in their adoption kit, they were able to capture the individuals who interacted with content such as taking a virtual tour, applying, signing up for a tour and speaking with their admissions team. 

Hawaii Community College

When there are no tour slots left for visitors to pick from, the Hawaii Community College team doesn’t worry! They send a message promoting their personalized and curated tours as another option for visitors. This creates maximum access for people to take tours and increase their tour taking rate.

Arkansas State University - Mountain Home 

Have an event coming up? The ASUMH team invites visitors to their Open House events with the Campus Visit Experience. Capture who is interested in attending, provide event details and a chance to take a virtual tour prior to the event. 

Maryville University

The Maryville University team uses campaigns in a variety of ways: campus updates from counselors, event invitations, and personalized tour invites based on student type.

Personalize the content students are sent by showing them content curated for them by their assigned counselor. In Maryville’s case, they provide students with a quick, 60-second update about campus happenings in the past month. By including the counselor’s name in the campaign message along with a counselor-personalized video in the content card, students feel more connected with the University.

Don’t stop there with your campaigns! Invite students to tour-specific events like Maryville did for their Saints Experience. Great event invitations include some combination of:

  • The ability to register for the event
  • Event agenda
  • Opportunity to share the content card with family/supporters
  • Virtual tour options
  • Resources and next steps
  • Social media tagging
  • Contact information for your office

Why have one generic tour invitation when it can be personalized by student groups? The Maryville team separates out their invites by student groups such as international, domestic, and specific majors. This allows their engagement activity to be more organized for follow up and to personalize the content card with curated information that pertains to the student.