Campus Visit Experience Optional Social Media Add-On

Create custom social media designs for your tours

Take your tours to the next level by purchasing the social media add-on for tours. Provide your visitors with filters and effects that show off your campus and their excitement all while increasing your marketing efforts. 

If you would like to purchase this add-on after your contract is signed, contact your CSM.

Selecting Your Designs

While completing the Onboarding Form, you will be asked to select your preferred design for your lens, if purchased.
  • Your lens design will be the same for Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.
  • All lenses will be customized for your institution. On the form, we’ll ask for the type of lens you'd like, your banner preference, your primary and secondary colors, the image you’d like to use for the logo, and your school mascot.
Once your team has submitted the onboarding form, our team will get to work on designing the lenses.

A Note on TikTok: The onboarding form is used to select your designs for both custom and standard TikTok effects.


Review and Approval

After our team has created the lens draft, you will receive an email with this draft. Please review with the appropriate stakeholders on your team, and then submit the Lens Approval Form.
  •  On this form, you will be asked if you have any changes to the lens. If so, you will be asked to describe the edits you would like. 
    • Once you have submitted the form with your edits, our team will implement the changes and send you a new draft of the lens. Lenses will be edited up to two rounds to help both teams meet goals and stick to the scope of work.
  •  If you do not have any changes, you will sign and submit the form.
    • Please note that once you have submitted this form with your approval, you are indicating that your institution has given final approval for the lens and you have no additional changes.
  • Once approval has been reached, our team will submit the lens to the social sites for their approval.
  • Once the lens has been approved by the social sites, our team will enter the tracking links into your CVE content. We will also add a preview image of your lens and insert it into your content card. 

Best Practices: Social Media Lens Designs

All Platforms (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook):
  • Choose images, phrases, and logos that are (or will be!) familiar to students.
  • The background behind students will be whatever is behind them in real life (unless you choose a design with a static background), so consider how busy/complex your design will be with a variety of backgrounds.
  • Keep in mind what makes your institution unique! A few examples we’ve seen include:
    • Using your mascot as falling confetti
    • Iconic campus location as a static background
    • “School Name” Bound language that matches your Admitted Student marketing campaigns
  • Instagram and Facebook do not permit hashtags within filters. If there is a hashtag you’d like to promote, include it in your content card instead.

Social Media Content Block

What's Needed
What's Measured
  • Give students a sneak peek into what they can share with their friends, and just how awesome your designs are
  • Increase social media engagement on all platforms
  • Once your team has approved the filters, the Full Measure team will add links and a preview image to your CVE content card
  • Include within content cards
  • Input by the Full Measure team with the "Social Lens" component
  • Text-ins and QR codes: Phone number of students that click on social media links
  • Outbound campaign: Which students click on social media links
  • Overall: Social media impressions/views, captures/plays and shares (terminology dependent on social media platform)