File Structure Requirements

Learn how to complete a data exchange with Full Measure

You can download this information for additional reference via this PDF.

This document outlines the essentials of an sFTP file exchange with Full Measure. If you are uploading files directly into the Full Measure platform, please go to the Campaigns Guidebook.

  •  The first row of each file should be headers describing the column contents of each row
Most Full Measure experiences will require a minimum of two files types:
  •  A contact file (to create the student record) and
  •  One or more audience files (to distinguish the types of students or contacts)
A contact file provides Full Measure with the necessary data to create a record in the FM database. This record can then be communicated with and served content.
  •  first_name: This first name of the record. [ex. Tony]
  •  last_name: The last name of the record. [ex. Walasik]
  •  mobile_phone_number: The phone number of the record [ex. 4127222797]
  •  email : The email of a record. [ex.]
  •  contact_id: Unique string identifier that will not change [ex. tonyexampleid] 
    •  contact_id is not case specific ['Tony123' is not unique from 'tony123']
  •  Additional columns: If you would like to include additional student details in your contact file, you are welcome to do so. 
    •  Make sure to label the column headers as descriptively as possible.
    •  If you have any questions about additional fields or how they can work with your content and messaging, please contact your Onboarding Manager.
    •  Sample additional columns: accepted_program, counselor_name, residence_hall
Contact file example:


"tonyexampleid","Tony","Walasik","","4127222797","Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science"










"Noma" Ceremony Contacts

Contact File Naming

  •  The contact file should always begin with "fullmeasure_student_" followed by any word or combination of letters.
  •  Examples: 
    •  fullmeasure_student_fall21.csv
    •  fullmeasure_student_winsford.csv
An audience file creates the segmented cohorts (targeted group) used for specific communications.
Required Fields
  •  contact_id: This id should match the records’ id from the contact file.
A student must be included in the contact file in order to exist in the audience file. If a student’s contact_id exists only in the audience file, they will not be created in the Full Measure system, and will not receive any messages.


This file should only have ONE column
Audience file example:



"Noma" Ceremony Audience

Audience File Naming

  •  This file should always begin with "fullmeasure_audience_" followed by any word or combination of letters that identifies the group.
  •  Examples:
    •  fullmeasure_audience_returningstudents.csv
    •  fullmeasure_audience_firstyears.csv