Connect (Campus Management) Exports

Learn how to set up your Connect's sFTP connection

This article will outline the steps to set up Connect and the sFTP connection.

  1. Access your sFTP folder: 
    Connect can provide an sFTP connection - if the credentials are unknown, a support ticket with Campus Management will need to be opened. 
  2. Update settings:
    There are some settings on Connect that will need to be changed from the default. Ensure that for the FTP:
    1. Connection rate limits are disabled
      1. These are sometimes defaulted to 15, for Full Measure's purposes there could be more than 15 files at any given time. 
        Please ask Connect to disable all rate limits
  3. Create a separate folder for Full Measure within the ExportFiles/AutoExport​
    Files quickly grow in number due to the date-stamps Connect adds at the end of each file. Creating a separate folder for all of them makes it possible for us to bring everything over.
    1. Export results file name convention : [Export Job Name]_[Current Date]_[Current Time].csv
  4. Get access to Full Measure's sFTP server
    Contact Full Measure for user access to our sFTP. 

Steps of an Export:

  1. In Connect, on the 'Contacts' tab, select 'New' under 'Export' 
  2. Contacts to Export: Select a predefined filter
    In our case, we'll be using a small student population. If you're missing students in a filter, a new filter can still be added.
  3. Export File Type: Select the new layout
    We'll configure the next few options to ensure an export is a .csv file type:
    1. Export file delimiter: Comma 
    2. Character that encloses text fields: Double quote ("")
    3. Header and start row: first row of export contain attribute names
  4. Select files to export
    The template will already include first name, last name, and email.  In order for a record to be complete in the Full Measure system you'll need to add mobile phone, and a contact_id. 
    1. contact_id will associate the student to the CRM. This must remain constant and never change. All students must have a contact_id. In Connect, each record has an 'ID' that can be used as contact_id
    2. Full Measure requires these five fields for a record to exist: contact_id, first_name, last_name, email, mobile_phone_number
    3. You're not restricted to these five fields - as many columns on the contact file can exist as you'd like. All fields are used as tags to personalize content and campaigns
  5. Update export attribute names
    When all the attributes are configured, the export attribute names for the following fields can be updated. This will allow for a successful mapping to the Full Measure record. Update attribute names to:
    1. First Name - first_name
    2. Last Name - last_name
    3. E-mail - email
    4. ID - contact_id
    5. Mobile Phone - mobile_phone_number
  6. Set the Known Layout Name
    This needs to be 'fullmeasure_student' for any student/contact file and 'fullmeasure_audience_{attribute_details}' for any audiences, i.e. 'fullmeasure_audience_applicants"
  7. Export Job Name
    This also must be fullmeasure_student. 
  8. Email the Export Results
    You can add emails of users you'd like to be notified when an export runs. This will produce an email with a few log details. 
  9. Clicking OK at this point will save your export filter and settings
    In Connect, all exports that are executed from the system create files on to the sFTP automatically.  These would be within the folder ExportFiles/AutoExport/ and would end in a folder named by the job name used for the export.  The file should then display with the known layout name. 

If you have any issues or questions, please submit a ticket.