Email FAQs

At this time, you can modify the message with simple HTML commands. This includes headings, line breaks, and lists. If you have specific questions or need help, please contact our support team. Remember the goal of the email is to drive the recipient to the content card and not keep them in the email.
No, an email has to be sent in conjunction with an SMS campaign.
This is set up through the "reply to" field in the email builder.
Email data includes the tracking of:
  •  Delivered and undelivered emails
  •  Those that unsubscribed from email campaigns
This data can be viewed in two places: the Activity and Campaign sections of the platform. Additionally, you can download the delivered, undelivered and unsubscribed data as CSVs.
Watch this video for how to view email engagement ⬇️
How to view email engagement in the Full Measure Platform