Messaging Terms

A targeted group of students. Audiences can be as broad (all currently enrolled students) or as targeted (accepted students who have not deposited) as needed.
An automatically generated message which occurs when a student texts a keyword.
A message that is sent to an audience, often linking to a content card. A campaign can be sent on a one-time, scheduled, or rolling basis.
For campaign specific terms, go here.

Tags are used to personalize the text to the recipient. This allows your content cards and campaigns to be personalized at scale. Tags can be inserted anywhere you see the "tags" icon.

A mobile network operator, also known as a wireless service provider. Carriers provide the communication services that we send text messages through.
The medium via which a message is communicated such as text-in keyword, SMS, email, or social media.
A one-to-one text message between an institution and an individual student. Students may reply with questions to campaign messages that prompt institutions to send answers as direct messages.
A word that will prompt an auto-reply message. For instance, a student texts "VISIT WINSFORD" to receive tour information.
A 10 digit phone number (ex: 855-363-1100). Campaign messages and direct messages will be sent via long code.
The first message a student will receive. Provides information on opting out of receiving text messages if desired. This message is required by law.
A message sent out on a daily basis to new students entering your audience. Institutions using our Accepted Student Experience will send out rolling messages to students as they extend additional acceptances.


Short Message Service, a text message.
A barcode that, when scanned, goes to a URL. Institutions can post QR codes around campus for students to scan to be directed to a content card.

Community Link

A communal link that directs out to an external webpage. Institutions can use their community link in email, website pages, brochures, etc. Community links are most commonly used in our CVE to link a user out to their stream of content cards.