ASE Activity Overview

Learn about how to use the engagement captured in the ASE

You have launched your ASE and are ready to look at the engagement. Use the Activity section to view the student engagement data collected from your content cards and campaigns.
Activity is where you can see student engagement from your content cards and campaigns. This is used to determine your future campaigns and 1:1 interactions with students.
Please refer to our Activity Overview for a breakdown on how to use this feature. Make sure to read up on how to message your accepted students based on their interactions!
Sample Activity View of a Content Card
Utilize the engagement data to direct your follow up to students based on the content they engaged with:
  •  At a basic level, who opened the content card?
  •  From the students who opened the content, what did they engage with?
  • Did they take a next step, like filling out a deposit gauge, register for an in-person tour, tap an engagement button? Did they follow through with those steps?
  • Did they reach out for help? If there was a component in your content card that asked if students needed follow up, have you followed up with those students?
  •  How can you use this insight to craft a new campaign to a group of students?