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Quick Start Guide: Personalized Tour

Create a personalized tour experience

What is a personalized tour? 

When taking a personalized tour, a visitor selects themes they are interested in about student life, academics and general campus interests. In turn, a personalized tour is created just for them which focuses on these themes.

On the institution side, all you have to do is associate pieces of content (known as Content Headings) to themes (know as Tags). You will have the ability to create your own tags, or simply use our pre-loaded list of commonly used tags. 

On the user side, they receive a tour fit for them full of their specific interests. The best!

Why do we recommend launching with a personalized tour?

Think about today's customer experience from brands such as Spotify, Netflix and Amazon. What do they have in common? They put the user first. Give your visitors the power and let them decide what they want to learn about on their tour.
Our statistics show that, on average, users that take a personalized tour are 20% more likely to complete an inquiry form. Gone are the days of grouping together all visitors in one walking tour: say hello to personalized student interest selection 👋


  • Create a tour experience that focuses on personalization. Typically, this is based off of general campus tour content that has tags added
  • Include a curated tour that covers the general institution information
  • Follow a brainstorming process that allows subsequent, focused curated tours to be easily created from the information already collected

Converse University's personalized and curated tours 

Get Started

1. Identify your core team.

  • Who is leading the information collection?
  • Who is putting the information into the tour content system? 
2. Identify who you will collaborate with.
  • Student ambassadors
    • Assign specific tasks such as: filming student testimonials with their phones, picking the emojis to go with each content heading, asking them about key talking points that should be used in the tour, sending images for locations
  • Social media
    • Ask current and potential students what they want to learn about on campus using social media. Think: polls on your story, a post requesting student submissions to win a prize, posts in current and future student Facebook groups
  • Department leads
    • Listen to what the other departments leads would like to highlight for potential students.
3. Remember what students want to learn about: 
Source: Inside Higher Ed/College Pulse survey of 2,001 college students; explore the data here
4. Let the brainstorming begin! Use our planning sheet to guide you through your conversations. CVE personalized tour planning sheet can be found here and is ready for your team to duplicate!