Radius - Case Messages

How to set up automated imports for Full Measure messages into Radius

  1. New integration template
    After navigating to the integration template page, click the 'New Integration Template' button.  This will take you to the 'Integration Template Settings' where we'll configure the new import template.
  2. Set import
    In the first input, select "Import".
  3. Template Type
    In the "Template Type" field select:
    1. 'Import-Case_CaseMessages-MatchonIDSAndSubject'
      1. When fullmeasure messages are brought into the the CRM, we'll match on the contact_id of the student and the case subject 'FME SMS History'
  4. Mappings and Transformations
    When the template type is selected, a mapping will default. This works well with the .csv export Full Measure will provide. The template provides the end user a case message subject, type, date, and the case message content. The cm subject will be the first 100 characters of the cm content.
  5. File Location, Name, and Run As User
    When creating the new integration template, a new directory will be created inside of the import's directory.  This new directory will match the naming of the template.
    1. In this case it is 'Import-Case_CaseMessages-MatchOnIDsAndSubject'.   The file name should be set as 'fullmeasure_casemessages.csv'. The run as user can be your institution's CRM administrator
  6. Schedule Settings
    The schedule will be recurring - a start time should be set at a time after school operating hours.  A daily file will be created by Full Measure and provided at the end of each business day.  Additionally, you can set notifications for job completion.  Notifications can be sent to users of the CRM and specific email addresses. 

If you have any issues or questions, please submit a ticket.