Social Media Review and Approval

Social media design approval

⏲ Need a quick lens approval? Move forward with just Snapchat and the standard TikTok lens for launch. Facebook and Instagram lenses can be added post-launch.
After our team has created the lens draft, you will receive an email with the draft to approve or denote any changes needed. Please review with the appropriate stakeholders on your team, and then submit the Lens Approval Form.
Additionally, you will receive a link to your social media specific content card. Use this content card to refer to your filter and effect links for the various social media channels. These links can be used outside of the content card for your marketing and social media purposes. 
Edits Needed:
Submit the lens approval form with your edits and our team will implement the changes. We will send you a new draft of the lens; lenses will be edited up to two rounds to help both teams meet goals and stick to the scope of work.
No Edits Needed:
Sign and submit the lens approval form. Please note that once you have submitted this form with your approval, you are indicating that your institution has given final approval for the lens and you have no additional changes.
Some Notes:
Once approval has been reached, our team will submit the lens to the social sites for their approval.
Once the lens has been approved by the social sites, our team will enter the tracking links into your ASE content. We will also add a preview image of your lens and insert it into your content card.
Take a look at the Social Media Content Block for what this looks like in action.