Virtual Campus Tour

Drive your accepted students to take a virtual tour to see what your campus is all about

Read our article on campus tour content best practices.

What's Needed
What's Measured
- Embed or link your virtual tour for students that are unable to visit
- Tip: Don’t have a virtual tour just yet? Use the Gallery component to showcase your campus.
- Video of virtual tour (in YouTube or Vimeo format) or link to virtual tour
- Images of campus
- If you have embedded your virtual tour, we suggest including an engagement button to see which students have engaged with this component. (At this time, the Full Measure platform does not track video watches.)
- If you have included a link to your virtual tour, you can track which students tapped it, and follow up with them about any questions they have

Does your institution use the Campus Visit Experience? Make sure to link out to your virtual campus tour 📍