ASE Accessories: 4-year Institutions

Communicate with your students beyond the moment of acceptance about key points in the enrollment process using our templated ASE Accessories. Keep reading on how to use these templated content cards.

Send your accepted students campaigns about key milestones in the enrollment process and learn helpful insights about each student.
Illustration showing ASE Accessories in action with sample communications flow

Learn more about each templated ASE Accessory content card: 

  • The content card's purpose
  •  Content ideas
  •  The importance of the theme for the content card
  •  Audience ideas 
✨ Purpose: Overview of the next steps accepted students should take
πŸ’‘ Content Ideas:
  •  Deposit and/or register for orientation
  •  Sign up for housing
  •  Log in to portal
  •  Submit final transcripts
  •  Health forms
  •  Placement tests
🧠 Importance: Next steps can be complicated to understand, so breaking them down in a clear and concise way (in a message that is solely dedicated to that purpose) is helpful. Although the template has 3 steps included in one card, feel free to break them down individually and send next steps out one at a time.
πŸ‘₯ Audience Recommendations:
  •  Accepted students not deposited (Or use deposited students as an exclusion audience, with accepted students as the included audience)
  •  Accepted students that haven’t registered for orientation (Or use 'Registered for orientation' as an exclusion audience)
  •  Needs final transcripts
  •  Needs placement tests
  •  Needs to register for housing

Student Resources

✨ Purpose: What resources does you have to help incoming students?
πŸ’‘ Content Ideas:
  •  Log in to student portal/account
  •  How students can utilize the financial aid office
  •  Scholarship information
  •  Student planner/course recommendations
  •  Tutoring
🧠 Importance: There are a lot of different places that students may have to go to find resources - ensure that they know what resources are available, and how to access them!
πŸ‘₯ Audience Recommendations:
  •  All deposited students
  •  All accepted students

Student Housing

✨ Purpose: What are the steps students need to take to secure housing?
πŸ’‘ Content Ideas:
  •  Housing application
  •  Roommate matching
  •  Living Learning Communities
  •  Room selection
  •  Housing tour
  •  Introduce RAs (a great way to highlight student voices!)
🧠 Importance: Housing is a vital next step for accepted students; make sure that they know where they are in the process and what deadlines they need to meet.
πŸ‘₯ Audience Recommendations:
  • Accepted students, no housing form
  • Deposited students, no housing form (Or use those that have submitted housing form as an exclusion audience)
  •  All deposited students
  •  Incoming first-year students
πŸ”₯ Hot Tip: Partnered with us for the Campus Moving Experience (CME)? This can be used in conjunction with the CME content card templates. Submit a request to have it added if you're interested.
✨ Purpose: How can students be prepared and register for orientation?
πŸ’‘ Content Ideas:
  •  CTA to register (if necessary)
  •  Orientation agenda
    •  Highlight speakers
    •  Highlight key tasks they'll complete
    •  Highlight why orientation is crucial
  •  Introduce your Orientation Leaders (a perfect way to highlight student voices!)
🧠 Importance: Registration can serve as saving the student’s spot and is typically where students register for classes. This content card is a great way to make sure students know and understand the importance of orientation.
πŸ‘₯ Audience Recommendations:
  •  Deposited students, not registered for orientation (Or use those that have registered for orientation as an exclusion audience)
  •  Accepted students, not registered
  •  All accepted students 
✨ Purpose: What do students need to know about upcoming events like Admitted Student Day?
πŸ’‘ Content Ideas:
  •  Highlight overview of your event, including date(s) and how to register
  •  Provide an agenda of the event
  •  Allow students to share event details with parents and supporters with the tap of a link
  • Showcase current student stories
🧠 Importance: Admitted student events are pivotal in making a college decision!
πŸ‘₯ Audience Recommendations:
  •  Accepted students, not deposited
  •  All accepted students
✨ Purpose: What do parents/supporters need to know about admitted student days or parent-specific orientation?
πŸ’‘ Content Ideas:
  •  Highlight any supporter/parent components of your events, including how to register
  •  Connect parents to resources (Parent association, financial aid, groups to meet other parents)
🧠 Importance: Supporters are a crucial resource!
πŸ‘₯ Audience Recommendations:
  •  Parents (if you have this list!)
  •  N/A - this will be sent out as a link via another content card
✨ Purpose: Target this audience with information that's specific to their needs
πŸ’‘ Content Ideas:
  •  First generation clubs
  •  Center for First Generation students
  •  Student/alumni/faculty highlights (more student voices!)
🧠 Importance: First generation students are a key group for many institutions. Although institutions have resources to support them, many students don’t know where to look for them.
πŸ‘₯ Audience Recommendations:
  •  First generation students
✨ Purpose: Reviewing financial aid package
πŸ’‘ Content Ideas:
  •  Where to access their financial aid package
  •  Resources to understand their financial aid package and terminology
    • Glossary of terms
    •  FAQs
    •  Videos of how to review the package
  •  Understanding where to go to view it/how to get help to understand it 
    •  Schedule a meeting with a financial aid counselor or admissions counselor
🧠 Importance: Financial aid is confusing, but vital, and aid packages in particular can be complicated to understand.
πŸ‘₯ Audience Recommendations:
  •  Accepted students, financial aid package ready
  •  Accepted students (be sure to tweak the language if you are including students who you aren't sure have received their aid package)
✨ Purpose: Students need to submit their financial aid documents, which can often be more than just the FAFSA!
πŸ’‘ Content Ideas:
  •  FAFSA
    •  Deadlines
    •  How to submit/file
    •  FAQs
  •  CSS Profile (if required)
  •  Verification 
    •  What it is
    •  Why it's important
  •  Checking email to see if they need to submit additional documents
🧠 Importance: Financial aid is confusing, but vital and is usually more than just the FAFSA.
πŸ‘₯ Audience Recommendations:
  •  Accepted students, financial aid package incomplete (or use financial aid package complete as an exclusion audience)
  • Accepted or applied students (be sure to soften the language if you are sending this to all students, not just ones who you know are missing documents)
✨ Purpose: Help students get ready for life on campus during the summer between acceptance and matriculation
πŸ’‘ Content Ideas:
  •  Clubs/activities 
    •  Student club spotlight
    •  Video with students talking about involvement in clubs/activities
  •  Resource overview
  •  Wellness services available on campus
  •  Traditions (we love this one in particular! Highlight what they can expect and how traditions have shaped the classes before them)
  •  Athletics 
    •  How to access tickets for sporting events
    •  Pep squad
    •  Include a video of your fight song/alma mater
🧠 Importance: Learning about campus gets accepted students excited!
πŸ‘₯ Audience Recommendations:
  •  Accepted students
  •  Deposited students
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Make sure to send your accessories on different days of the week and pay attention to the time of day you send it. We recommend making a communication plan allowing for five to twenty day gaps in between campaigns and sending between 4-7pm in your institution's timezone.
Example content cards with the ASE Accessory templates being used