Contact File Overview

How to make a .csv contact file

A contact file provides Full Measure with the necessary data to create a record in the FM database. This record can then be communicated with and served content. Contact files list the persons you will be sending the campaign to and their associated information.

  • first_name: This first name of the record. [ex. John]
  • last_name: The last name of the record. [ex. Smith]
  • mobile_phone_number: The phone number of the record [ex. 4127222797]
  • contact_id: Unique string identifier that will not change [ex. tonyexampleid]
    • contact_id is not case-specific ['Tony123' is not unique from 'tony123']
  • email: This is the student email address. [ex.] 
Record = student or person you're sending your campaign to

Contact File Optional Additional Fields

If you would like to pass other data over in your contact file, you’re free to do so. Please make sure to label the column headers as descriptively as possible. These column headers will create tags. Tags help to further personalize content and messages for students. 

Read more about tags in content cards and campaigns in our tags guidebook article

Contact File Naming

  • If you are uploading a contact file through the Full Measure platform, you are free to name it whatever you would like. We recommend being as descriptive as possible, in order to understand which students are included in the file.
  • Accepted Students Fall-Spring 21-22
  • All Residential Students