Campus Visit Experience Communication Methods

Communication methods in the CVE Adoption Kit

Promote your tour using various communication methods. The methods included in your CVE Adoption Kit are: 

  1. Text-in keyword 
  2. QR code 
  3. Community link
  4. Outbound campaigns

Read below for descriptions of each method and how our partners have led the way in getting their tours out in front of visitors.

1. Text-In Keyword

You have 1 text-in keyword for students to message and access your stream of campus visit content cards. This keyword should have been chosen in your kickoff call/on your onboarding form.
  • Students will be able to text this word to a 5-digit number: 58052
  • A good text-in keyword incorporates words such as:
    • Your mascot
    • Institution name
    • Institution abbreviated name

Note: Your keyword must include your institution in some way. Ex. "Tour" vs "Tour Winsford"

  • Popular places to put keyword:
    • Email signature
    • Events (verbally and in writing)
    • Mailers
    • Zoom background for prospective students

🌟 Client Highlight: University of Pennsylvania 🌟

The team at the University of Pennsylvania puts their text-in front and center on their visit page. When a visitor is looking to take a self-guided tour, they are asked to text Tour UPenn to 58052. This has resulted in close to 3,000 text-ins as of December 2022. That's a lot to be excited about! 


2. QR Code

You have 1 QR code for students and visitors to scan and access the stream of campus visit cards.
  • Full Measure will generate this QR code for you to use
  • Best practices are to place it in highly visible places with the call to action to scan and take a tour. Note: this can be used for both virtual and in-person tours
  • Popular locations to place the QR code:
    • Email signature
    • Frequented places campus visitors will pass (ex: Admissions Office)
    • Mailers
    • Business cards

🌟 Client Highlight: Florida State University 🌟

The team at Florida State University places their QR code all around campus on yard signs to promote their tour. This is especially helpful to drive tour traffic during campus breaks, heavy tour times when slots are full, and when visitors come for sporting events. 

FSU Yard sign 1

3. Community Link

You have 2 community links: 1 to access the stream of campus visit cards and 1 to use with current students to collect student testimonials. 

  • Full Measure will generate these links for you to use and share amongst the necessary stakeholders
  • Best practices are to place your community links in highly visible places with the call to action to click on the link. Popular locations to place the link are:

🌟 Client Highlight: Binghamton University 🌟

Marketing teams use community links on campus visit or admissions website pages, most often within a body of text or a callout at the top of the page. The team at Binghamton University uses their link on their visit page to nudge visitors to take a self-guided tour and learn general tour information.

💡 Tip: Adding a screenshot or two from the tour will help the visual presence.

4. Outbound Messaging

You have the ability to set up outbound SMS campaign messages. We highly recommend communicating via this channel! Campaigns are text messages to more than 1 person and can include a link to a content card, but does not have to. The best part? You have access to each person's engagement with the card content. 

Campaigns can be sent to unlimited groups of people as long as you have their phone number. Popular groups include: prospective student lists, event registrants, and applied students. 

What do I need to launch a campaign?

A campaign is comprised of the following components: 

  • Contact File 
  • Audience File 
  • Activated content card (most cases) 
Refer to our Launching Campaign section for information on each of these elements. 

🌟 Client Highlight: Arizona State University - Mountain Home 🌟

Have an event coming up? The ASUMH team invites visitors to their Open House events with a campaign. They are able to capture who is interested in attending, post event details, and provide a chance to take a virtual tour prior to the event.