CVE Engagement Overview

Learn about how to use the engagement captured in the CVE

The CVE was designed to not only provide greater accessibility and personalized offerings to every prospective student, but also to bring you key insights to help make data-informed decisions in order to strategically meet the evolving needs of your students.
We know how important this data is to you, so we’ve prioritized the evolution of how you can see, use, and share impactful insights captured in the Experience. Below is an explanation of the CVE data you will have made available to you post-launch.
Due to the nature of the CVE, there are two types of data collected: tour data and engagement data.
  • Tour Data: Information captured while a visitor is taking a tour. For example, the type of tour and which tags are selected
  • Engagement Data: Information captured on content cards and outbound campaigns. For example, the number of students who tapped on an "Apply Now" button within a content card and post-tour survey responses.
In either of the above scenarios, no personally identifiable information is stored by Full Measure.