CVE Engagement Data

Overview of tour engagement data collected with content cards and campaigns

Engagement data includes content card and campaign activity. Use our Analyzing Student Engagement articles to learn more. 
  • Content Cards:
    • Data collected from content cards is dependent on which communication methods were used (campaign, QR code, text-in, or community link) and what content is in the cards
    • Refer to our Measuring Engagement quick guide to review how each communication method measures engagement differently 
    • This data can be viewed in the "Activity" section of the platform
      • A detailed overview of the Activity section is reviewed in our Activity Article
  • Campaigns:
    • If the campaign functionality is utilized (we hope it is!), view campaign performance data via the "Campaigns" or "Activity" sections of the platform. This will provide information such as messages delivered in the campaign, opens, opt-outs and content card engagement.
      • Use our Campaign Activity Overview article for how to view engagement in the "Campaigns" section
      • Use our Activity Overview for how to view engagement in the "Activity" section. You will be able to sort engagement by content card and by campaign
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  • Collect deeper insights on student engagement
  • Connect with your students more consistently, with or without content cards
  • Personalize your communication strategy
  • Message students 1:1 based on their interaction


Follow up with students based on their engagement. Read how to message students based on their interactions in our Messaging Overview.

Example of a 1:1 messaging interaction based on engagement in content card

Engagement Data Insight

Utilize engagement data to direct your follow up to students based on the content they engaged with:
  • At a basic level, who opened the content card?
  • From the students who opened the content card, what did they engage with?
  • Did they take a next step, like downloading the Full Measure Tours app, registering for an in-person tour, or reaching out to their admissions counselor? Did they follow through with those steps?
  • Did they reach out for help? If there was a component within your CVE content cards that asked if students needed follow up, have you followed up with those students?
  • Did they submit the tour feedback survey? If so, do they require follow-up?

Some partners request their engagement data to be accessible via sFTP. If this is the case for your institution, please submit this writeback form and contact your CSM.