Deposit/Commit Push

Prompt students to commit and collect their engagement accordingly

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What's Needed
What's Measured
- Encourage students to take that all-important next step and confirm their enrollment
- Link to submit deposit (or link to portal)
- Instructions on how to deposit, if necessary
- Deadline for deposit, if applicable
- Reasons for submitting their deposit
- What they can expect post-deposit
- Taps on engagement buttons
- Taps on links
- It is critical to check who tapped and if they followed through. If not, make sure your team contacts them!

Deposit/Commit Push Content Block: Best Practices 

Copy Recommendations

When it comes to writing this text, avoid words like 'pay,' 'fee' or 'money,' which can be off-putting to students. Instead, opt for phrases like 'enroll here', 'commit today' or 'join the class of [year]' for a positive impression.
  • Submit Your Deposit!
  • Get Ready to Call [Campus] Home
  • Accept Your Offer
  • Take the Next Step
  • Confident that [institution] is the place for you? Secure your spot by submitting your deposit today!
  • Secure your spot by submitting your deposit before [deadline] if you haven't already.
  • Complete Your Next Steps Dates & Deadlines can be found in your student portal [student portal]
  • Confirm your spot by accepting your offer of admission! This will guarantee yourself a seat in this year’s class and secure any scholarship offer you may have received.

Tip: Use tags to personalize your headlines and subtext. More information in our tags article

  • [JOIN THE CLASS OF 2025]