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Data Exchange Terms

A .csv file with a targeted group of students that a campaign is sent to. This file should only have one field: contact_id. A student must be included in the contact file to work in the audience file.
A .csv file with the necessary data to create a student record in the Full Measure system. Any student you will communicate with via Full Measure should be included. Required fields include:
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • mobile_phone_number
  • contact_id
  • email

Additional column headers should be added to the contact file to be used at unique tags for your institution. For example, program of interest or advisor name. 

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A unique identifier for a student that will not change. The contact ID is typically the ID associated with the student in your system of record (CRM/SIS).
A continuously updated file with new rows added after the existing data. Your contact files should always be cumulative.
Secure File Transfer Protocol. How Full Measure exchanges private data. An sFTP is a secure way to transfer data files between two remote systems. Full Measure provides credentials for the sFTP.
A way to transfer data from the Full Measure system back into your system of record. Full Measure provides files via the sFTP that institutions can import into their system of record.

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