ASE Campaigns

How and when to send an ASE campaign

Now that we have focused on the ASE content in the Full Measure Platform, let's discuss how you will send your ASE to students.
To set up your outbound campaigns, use our campaign walkthrough below ⬇️
Example campaign journey flow

Outbound Campaign Message Ideas: ASE Acceptance Notification

  • BIG news from Chris at Winsford University! 🐺 You're going to want to see this, Lauren. Tap the link to learn more ➡️
  • Lauren, this is Chris from Winsford Admissions. We have some exciting news about your future 🎊 Click to find out what it is. #WinsUWolves
  • Hi, Lauren! We have made a change on your #WinsU application status. Tap here to view your official admissions decision and share on social media 🤳🏾
Tips to keep in mind for your outbound SMS message 💡:
  •  Be sure to include your institution name in the message itself. Although your institution’s name will be included in the opt out message, we want it to be clear to the student who the message is coming from
  • Include the student’s first name in the message for increased personalization
  • Have fun with it! We want to get them excited about this big step in their lives
  • Feel free to include an emoji 🐯 or two 🎉

When Do I Send a Campaign?

Clients can utilize the campaign functionality for multiple use cases. As long as you have the required information for the recipient (more information for the Contact File and for the Audience file can be found here), you can send away.
Accepted Students
  •  Notify your accepted students of their exciting news!
  •  Push your students to deposit with a deposit gauge
  •  Send next steps checklist items (financial aid information, verification, housing)
  •  Program specific information
  • On-campus admitted student events
    • Follow-up with students post-event to collect feedback and point towards resources
  • Virtual campus tour

You can send a campaign with or without a content card attached.