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ASE Frequently Asked Questions

Your frequently asked questions, answered

Q: Can we get data sent back to our CRM/SIS?

A: Yes! We have standard writeback files that can be sent to your system to placed back into your instructional system.

Q: We are utilizing the sFTP method to transfer data. How often can we send our data?

A: Our standard setting is to look for updated data every 12 hours. If you would like it more specific, you can let us know how often. 12 hours usually fits most case scenarios as rolling messages only go out daily.

Q: How long does creating and launching a campaign take?

A: You can send and test a campaign in less than 30 minutes!

Use our campaign help articles for each step.

        • Upload a Contact file (10-15 minutes)
        • Upload your Audience files (10-15 minutes)
        • Create, test and launch your campaign (10 minutes or less!)

*even quicker if your audience/contact files are uploaded via SFTP

Q: Can we test to people that are not users in platform?

A: Yes, you can. Simply create a contact and audience file of your team or other non-FM users you want to receive campaign. Then, send a campaign to that audience!

Refer to our ASE best practices article for more helpful tips.