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Campus Visit Experience: Concierge Overview

Learn what our Concierge Service is and the general launch timeline

The Concierge Service for the Campus Visit Experience results in the first version of your tour. The Concierge Service:

  • Is designed to support teams who have limited bandwidth for creating tours

  • Allows our clients to plan content for version one of their tour

  • Includes content suggestions and recommendations

  • Allows seamless content transfer into the tour platform by the Full Measure team


Our Concierge Service can be used to initially launch either a personalized or a curated tour; it just depends on your team’s preferences.

Based on your team's tour launch preferences, your team will brainstorm accordingly ⬇️
Our Concierge Service is nestled into our larger CVE offering. Let's outline how it will weave into the greater implementation process. From contract signed to first tour launch, this implementation will take around 8 weeks. Your team can move at the pace that makes the most sense to you, faster or slower. Please see a sample timeline below: 

Step 1: Concierge Tour Service (Weeks 1-4)

During this time you will complete the brainstorming of version one of your tour in the provided planning sheet. Then, the Full Measure team will meet to confirm the material and make recommendations accordingly. After, the Full Measure team will transfer the content into the tour platform for you to bring version one to life.

Step 2: Finalize Tour (Week 5)

You will meet with the Full Measure team to review the migrated material, receive access to the tour platform, and learn how to edit/add content for future tours. During this time, you will take time to preview, edit, and iterate on the tour components.

Step 3: Round out CVE (Weeks 7-8)

It is now time to round out the Campus Visit Experience by utilizing our Adoption Kit to drive visitors to your tour(s). This includes the communication methods and content cards. With the Full Measure team, you will plan which communication methods to layer onto your existing communication plan and edit our templated content cards to connect with visitors before, during and after their tours.