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Concierge: Curated Tour Option

How to use the Concierge Service to initially launch with only a curated tour

Before we begin the implementation process, let's review what the concierge offering includes in the curated tour option and the tasks we recommend you take post-launch. Then, we will walk through the steps to take to get to launch. 

Launching with only a curated tour is an option for the Concierge Service. However, we recommend launching with a personalized tour, as it will give you a general curated tour ready to go as well! See Personalized Tour Option to learn more.

The curated tour option is a great starting point to quickly gather data insights about your visitors. Want to start with a tour centered on "Wellness"?  You got it. How about a "General Campus Tour"? That's a common use case too. This option allows institutions to put together a prescribed offering for any potential visitor.

At the end of the day, you know what makes your institution stand out from the crowd 🦚. The curated tour option allows you to highlight different value points on this specific tour and give visitors a logical route to ensure no vital resources are missed.

Head to our main curated tour article for more information.

Note: There are some features that are limited in the concierge portion of onboarding. However, clients have full access to the platform to edit and add content after version one has been created. The features that are included only with the Concierge Service are detailed below:


Brainstorming planning sheet
Team will use the specific version for the curated tour launch. 
Curated tour
Client to choose any topic in planning sheet. Client can create more curated tours in platform on their own.
Full Measure team to default latitude and longitude for each. Client can add more locations in platform on their own.
Content Headings
1:1 relationship with locations for brainstorming. Full Measure to assign emojis for version one. Client can adjust and add more on their own.
Student Testimonial content card will be launched to collect videos and insert into tour. 
GoogleDrive set up for Client to drop their images into for each location. Best practice is no more than 6 photos per location.

The concierge service with just the curated tour does not include the creation of tags. Therefore, you will see that omitted from your brainstorming planning sheet. 

Implementation Steps

Read our full article on implementation steps for a curated tour with concierge

Post-Launch Next Steps

With the concierge curated tour route, we recommend your next steps to be:
  1. 🗣 Get the word out about your tour
  2. 📈 Collect and analyze impactful data
  3. 💡 Solicit ideas for more curated tour ideas from key stakeholders
  4. ✨ Expand into a personalized tour by applying tags to your content headings

For a full list of post-launch projects, visit our CVE Playbooks article and refer to our Tour Adoption Best Practices to make the most of our partnership.