Campus Visit Experience Overview

Learn about what makes up the Campus Visit Experience


Watch the video below for a full rundown of the CVE. Also, refer to the Glossary for a full list of terms used in the platform and by the Full Measure team.

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Tour Access 

Your tour(s) are accessible via web and mobile app.


Once published, your tours homepage will be available to visitors on the web using the domain:[school name as it appears in FM platform]/. For example, for a school called The Winsford University, their URL would be: Your CSM will send this link to you for testing and launching purposes. 


Once published, your tours will be available on the Full Measure Tours app for both iOS and Android users. Once downloaded, visitors will search for your school name in the app and proceed accordingly. 

When taking a tour, visitors will be prompted to use either off or on-campus mode.

If a visitor accesses your tours homepage from the web while on campus and has location services turned on for the web provider such as Safari or Chrome, they will be prompted to download the app to optimize their experience.

Adoption Kit

Our Adoption Kit equips teams with the content card and communication templates they need to promote their tours. In an effort to capitalize on the tours that you've made, get the word out strategically with a variety of communication methods and personalized content cards.
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One to One Messaging

You will also have the ability to message students 1:1. Utilize 1:1 messaging to follow-up with your students based off of their interactions with your content card and tour(s). Read more in the Activity Overview for details.
When creating a campaign, an audience is a targeted group of students and will determine the content shown in the content card. They can be as broad (all junior inquiries) or as targeted (visitors for admitted student day) as needed. All outbound campaigns will have an audience the message will be delivered to.
For ideas of how to segment out your visitors, read our CVE Client Campaign Examples article and suggested use cases.
Questions to consider when selecting your audiences:
  • What groups of students require different content? Are there different calls to action for certain populations?
  • Is there a target population that you’d like to track engagement for?
  • From your system of record (typically CRM), can you segment out different populations?
  • Is there a group of students that you'd like to follow up with based on their engagement?

The CVE has an optional social media add-on. The social media designs will be made for TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. 
Read our article on the Social Media Add-On for more information on how to get started.