CVE Campaigns

How and when to send a CVE campaign

To set up your outbound campaigns, use our campaign walkthrough below ⬇️

Take a look at how our other partners are utilizing the campaign feature in our CVE Client Campaign Spotlight article

Outbound Campaign Message Ideas: CVE
  • Hi, Marvin! 👋 Take a tour to see what life as a future Winsford Wolf looks like 🐺. Tap the link to get started.
  • Lindy, learn more about Winsford University with a personalized tour! Tap the link to get started ➡️
  • You're going to want to take this tour, Ignacio 👀 Tap the link to learn more about Wins U life from our students.
Tips to keep in mind for your outbound SMS message 💡:
  • Be sure to include your institution name in the message itself. Although your institution’s name will be included in the opt-out message, we want it to be clear to the student who the message is coming from
  • Include the student’s first name in the message for increased personalization
  • Have fun with it! Getting students to tour is a big step in their decision making process
  • Feel free to include an emoji 🐯 or two 🎉
When Do I Send a Campaign?
Clients can utilize the campaign functionality for multiple use cases. As long as you have the required information for the recipient (more information for the Contact File and for the Audience file can be found here), you can send away.
Prospective Students
  • Invite your prospective students to take a tour
  • Inform your prospective students on what to expect when they arrive for an on-campus tour, including parking directions and introductions to Tour Guides
  • Follow-up with prospective students after they tour to collect post-tour feedback and direct them to next steps and resources
  • Follow up with prospective students after they tour based on the interests that they selected in personalized tours
Current Students
  • Collect student testimonials from current students to include in your tours (use our templated current student video collect content card to help!)
  • Remind visitors about upcoming events
  • Follow-up with visitors post-event to collect feedback and point towards resources

You can send a campaign with or without a content card attached, though we highly recommend including a content card!