General Tour Terms

Commonly used terms while speaking about the CVE.

  • Personalized tour: When taking a personalized tour, a visitor answers three questions by selecting topics they are interested in about student life, academics and general campus interests. In turn, a personalized tour is created just for them.
  • Curated tour: A curated tour is a pre-made tour created by the institution for a visitor to take. It typically focuses on a central theme or is geared toward a specific audience. For example, a general campus tour, a transfer student tour, and a College of Business tour are all examples of curated tours.
  • Planning sheet: Brainstorming tool used by clients during the implementation process to plan out content to be used in their tour. There are two versions of the planning sheet: one for just a curated tour and another for the personalized tour. This is an optional aid device which has shown to shorten implementation time when used. 
  • Concierge: An optional tour building add-on service. After tour content is brainstormed and planned out by the institution, the Full Measure team will transfer content into the platform to create the first version of their tour(s). View our specific CVE Concierge Guide for more information. 
  • Coalition for College schools: In partnership with the Coalition for College, Coalition schools can partner with Full Measure to create a free, 12-stop, curated tour focused on access, affordability, and student success on their campus.
  • Adoption Kit: Equips institution teams with assets to help promote tours. Included are 4 content card templates and four communication methods (QR code, text-in keyword, outbound campaign and community link). Read the following articles to learn more: