ASE Refresh Guide

Refresh your ASE for the new academic year and upcoming class of students


Most of our ASE clients will complete the ASE refresh process during the months of August - December. This will be based on your institution's schedule and timing. The refresh process involves updating your content, data and campaign for the upcoming academic year. See below for a step by step guide.

1. Review your current ASE content cards

  • Log into the Full Measure platform. You will go to [schooldomain]
    • The first part of the domain will match your institution’s website address (ex:
  • Once you have logged in to the Full Measure platform, access your ASE content cards.
    • Navigate to “Content" on the left hand menu, then select "Cards"
    •  You’ll see “Content Categories”
    • Select “Accepted Student Experience” or any other categories that needs to be updated like Accessories
    • You’ll see your content cards from this school year. To review these, click into the card and navigate to “Destination.”
Need assistance logging in or accessing your content? Submit a support ticket.

2. Duplicate your existing content cards

  • To duplicate your existing card(s), click and drag the card you want to duplicate to the left

Duplicating will allow you to keep the majority of your content from last cycle, but will allow the data and reporting to be separate. This is a necessary step to ensure that the data does not cross over from different cycles.

  • You'll see a black box with a white square icon. Click on this box to duplicate your content card
  • The duplicated content card will be named the same as the original card, but will not be published.

We recommend you update the card name to reflect the academic year and group of students you're sending to

How to duplicate your existing content card
Ensure that all of the content that in your ASE acceptance notification is up to date and accurate for the new incoming class. Things to look for:
  • Language that references a specific class or graduation year (e.g. Class of 2026)
  • Accurate and current links (especially relevant if your institution has updated their website)
  • Changes in procedure or next steps
  • Correct dates and timelines for accepted student events, campus visits, and deposits (if relevant)
  • Updated social media hashtags or accounts
  • COVID-19 specific information that may have changed within the last year
If you have a form in your ASE acceptance notification content card, make sure that the options are still relevant
Forms are a great way to get feedback from students, especially about where they are in their decision making process and if they need additional help or outreach. If you'd like to include a form in your ASE content cards, please let the Full Measure team know, and we will send you over a sample to customize.
  • If you are looking for ideas of content to include within your ASE content cards or inspiration from other partners, check out our Suggested Content Blocks below, starting with the Next Steps Checklist! Also check out the ASE Accessories.
ASE Accessories: 2-year or 4-year
Check to see if any of the lenses have year-specific text.
  • To view your lenses, you'll want to open your ASE content card from last cycle on your mobile device
  • Click into your content card from last cycle. Make sure the content card is activated (this does not mean it will be sent out to anyone, but will allow you to view the content card in your browser and use it for a campaign)
  • Next to the activate button and the green check mark, you'll see 3 vertical dots
  • Click "Copy short link" and send yourself the link on your mobile device, where you'll be able to view the content card and the social media lenses
    • If you do not have access to the social media platforms, please submit a support ticket and we will send you a video of the lens.

Navigating to copy the short link to view your content card
Please note that the Full Measure team is unable to do a complete redesign of your lenses without an additional agreement. This review only applies to updating for year-specific designs.

Read about our Supporter card and add it to your ASE acceptance notification by submitting a support ticket. To re-launch you will want to have: 
  • The "Share the news" button added to the new ASE card you will be using
  •  The Supporter Card template added for you to edit

The templated text message to supporters from the student will say: "Check out the news! I've been accepted to [school name]." If you would like this to be different, please edit the text message language in the button component. Watch the video below for a step by step walkthrough. If you have questions, please submit this form to our support team.

HubSpot Video
Walkthrough to edit your Supporter Button
As your ASE changes with the new admissions cycle, your audience(s) will change as well. We highly recommend sending or uploading new files to ensure data cleanliness.
Questions to consider:
  • What target groups of students do I want to send my ASE to? Are they the same or different than last year?
  • Was one of my audiences more engaged than another last cycle?
  • How is the content different between audiences?
Some examples of audiences that our partners have used:
  • First-time freshmen/first-year
  • Transfer students
  • Honors program
  • Online students
  • Adult learners
  • In-state & out-of-state
  •  Program-specific
You can view the file requirements for both audience and student files in our Data Upload guides.
To set up your outbound campaigns and for ideas of messages, use our Campaign guides.
When setting up your campaign, make sure to:
  •  Name the campaign with the year and the audience it's being sent to
    • We recommend using the naming convention "Purpose - Audience - Frequency" for clear, consistent content card names. Ex: "Acceptance Notification - Transfers - Ongoing"
  •  Attach your updated content card
  •  Include your updated audience with only this year's students
  •  Use a rolling campaign so the campaign can run throughout the year
  •  Send from the Admissions Department
  •  Test the campaign before activating

Congratulations! You've refreshed your Accepted Student Experience! 🎉 Now, continue the conversation with your students using our ASE Accessories (2-year or 4-year).