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Accepted Student Experience Overview

Learn about what makes up the Accepted Student Experience


Watch the video below for a full rundown of the ASE. Also, refer to the Glossary for a full list of terms used in the platform and by the Full Measure team.
The ASE content will be accessible via an outbound campaign. You will also have the ability to message students 1:1.

Outbound Campaign Messaging

Your content card will be sent out via an outbound campaign to your accepted students.
Utilize 1:1 messaging to follow-up with your students based off of their interactions with your Accepted Student Experience. Read more in the Activity Overview for details.

Content Overview

Most of our clients start with a content card to announce the moment of acceptance.

Content Card: Notification of Acceptance

What's Needed
What's Measured
- Deliver acceptance news
- Show students their next steps
- Share their excitement on social media
- Acceptance next steps
- Social media filter selection and approval
- Marketing assets
- Outbound SMS campaign
- Specific students that open message and tap on links/engagement buttons
- Social media impressions

An audience is a targeted group of students and will determine the content that's in the content card. They can be as broad (all accepted students) or as targeted (accepted students into the honors program) as needed. All outbound campaigns will have an audience the message will be delivered to.
Common audiences are:
  •  First-years
  •  Transfer students
  •  Honors students
  •  Specific programs (nursing, welding, etc)
  •  Accepted, not deposited
  •  Has not RSVP'd to Admitted Student Event
Questions to consider when selecting your audiences:
  •  What groups of students require different content? Are there different calls to action for certain populations?
  •  Is there a target population that you’d like to track engagement for?
  •  From your system of record (typically CRM), can you segment out different populations? For more information on file requirements, please refer to the ‘Audiences’ section in Data Exchange
  • Is there a group of students that you'd like to follow up with based on their engagement with the initial acceptance notification (ex: all students that clicked to learn about next steps)?
A standard ASE contract comes with 1 custom lens design for Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram along with 1 standard TikTok effect. Read more in the Social Media section about how to incorporate these into your content cards.