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Campus Visit Experience FAQ: Testing and Post-Launch

Our most popular CVE testing and post-launch questions

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Tour Building

In addition, reference our tour-specific glossary pages: General Tour Terms / Tour Building Terms

How do I preview my tour content?

  • First preview requested: When you make a round of changes, click the check box in the preview section that says ‘Request Preview Update’. Shortly after, we will email you when it is updated and you can click the preview button to view. We typically are able to do this within a few hours during the work week.
  • Subsequent Previews: After the initial preview is generated, update your preview as often as you would like by clicking "Open Preview" and then "Update Preview" in the top right-hand corner. It will take a few minutes to update.

How do I publish my tour(s)?

You'll need to publish your content when testing begins during onboarding. To do this, you'll click on the "Ready to Publish" button on the home tab. 

A preview could be producing an error for a variety of reasons, so when in doubt contact our support team for guidance. Some common triggers are:

  1. Videos uploaded in the incorrect format
    1. YouTube videos that are public or unlisted are the only video file type accepted. If another type is uploaded, such as a YouTube Shorts, this will populate an error. To convert a Shorts video to a regular YouTube video, watch this 2-minute instructional video or follow the directions below.
      1. Click share on Short
      2. Open an Incognito window (to prevent it from directly opening in app) and replace the word "Shorts" with "Watch" on URL
      3. When it opens as a regular video click on share and copy link
      4. Open an incognito tab and paste the youtu.be url
      5. Copy the URL from address bar directly.
  2. Photos
    1. Make to sure to have only uploaded one photo at a time. If uploaded with more than one at a time, the tour preview will fail.
    2. Incorrect file type. Please make sure to stick with common file types such as .png or .jpeg/.jpg. Using a file type such as .gif, video files, or .jfif.
  3. Institution Name Change
    1. Please do not change the name of your institution in the Tour Building Platform. Doing so will cause your tour preview to change; this includes any changes such as capitalization, adding/subtracting words, abbreviations, etc. If you need to update your name, contact your CSM or submit a support ticket
When testing the app, users should have iOS 12.3 or later and 7.0 and up for Android. Older versions will result in the app not performing as expected. Also, for the best experience make sure that Location Services are turned on for the app. 

I'm updating content to my already published tour. How do I re-publish my updated tour?

Please submit a support ticket! For the "Description of Issue," outline that you have updated your tour content and need your tour re-published. We recommend doing this when you have updated larger batches of content at a time. Remember, you can always preview content using the "Open Preview" function in the tour portal.
Visitors have two options to access your tours: download the Full Measure Tours app or use their web browser (either from a desktop or mobile device). We advise that you use our adoption best practices to get your tours out into your community ⬇️
  • Download the Full Measure Tours app (either on an Apple or Android device). The visitor will then search for your school.

What should I do now that I have launched?

The CVE is an iterative process; once you have launched, make sure to add and edit your tours with relevant information. Additionally, use the Adoption Kit to advertise your tour. 

To see a full list of our post-adoption projects, read our CVE Playbooks article.

Take a look at our page on data reports for all the good details.

How should I use the data collected from my tours?

Your tour data is full of insights you can use in your current or future tours, communications and marketing. Some key takeaways you should look for are: 

  • Which tour has the largest amount of engagement?
    • This is especially helpful if you have multiple pre-made tours with different topics. For example, if your housing tour has the most engagement, ensure that the tour equips visitors with the best information, that your website includes a link to the tour, and even think about doing a campaign specifically about housing. 
  • What months have the most tours taken?
    • Understanding when you have more visitors during the year allows you and your team to prepare accordingly. For example, are peak visit times when your office is closed over break? Make sure your campus is equipped to still direct students to tour using a QR code or text-in. 
  • Which tag is selected most often in a personalized tour? What about the top five?
    • Congrats! You now know the topics students want to learn about the most. Two critical next steps:
      • Think about the information you provide about these themes in your Full Measure tour, guided tours and website. Are there updates you can make to better inform visitors?
      • Follow up with students with personalized messages using a campaign. For example, if "Financial Aid" is a commonly selected tag, send a campaign to all students that selected this tag with content specifically about financial aid. 
  • Who filled out an inquiry form?
    • Follow up with these individuals using the information they filled out and the tags selected, if they took a personalized tour. These tend to be your most engaged users and a fantastic pool of students to push towards next steps. 

I’m confused about how the tour content, content cards, and campaigns go together. How can I best utilize the platform?

Great question! Use campaigns to send out personalized content cards to groups of students about your institution and its tour offerings.

For example, utilize the Invitation to Tour content card template to invite students to your open house. In your content card, include opportunities to take a virtual and/or in-person tour. Take it one step further by inviting a smaller group, such as accepted transfer students, and send a content card inviting them to take your Transfer Students tour. 

These three components are also designed for you to engage with visitors based on their tour interactions. Utilize the Post-Tour Follow-Up content card template to send specific information about what groups of visitors engaged with and provide opportunities to connect with your team.