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Campus Visit Experience FAQs: Implementation

Frequently asked questions about implementing the CVE

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Tour Building

Testing and Post Launch

In addition, reference our tour-specific glossary pages: General Tour Terms / Tour Building Terms

Who should I bring to my kickoff call?

We recommend brining your project manager, content lead(s) and data manger. 

  • Project Manager: Individual who will be managing/leading the implementation on your team 
  • Content Lead(s): The end users of the platform by the institution. This could be the same person as the Project Manager. 
  • Data Manager: Individual that manages the CRM or SIS 

How long does it take to implement the Campus Visit Experience?

We estimate 6-7 weeks from kickoff to the launch of the first tour, however our team is able to progress through the implementation at whatever speed your institution's team needs. 
Every institution will have a system that works best for them and their team, but below is our suggested implementation order:
  1. Choose your launch preference: Will you launch with a curated tour only or personalized tour too?
  2. Complete our brainstorm planning sheet. This will allow you to list out tour locations, content and understand relationships within the platform.
  3. Need additional content? Reach out to the greater community at your institution for help, particularly for testimonials.
    1. Student groups, department leaders, faculty, and alumni are all great resources to provide content ideas as well as assets if you need some inspiration. 
  4. Transfer your brainstorm planning sheet into the platform.
  5. Create your communication plan. Think about how you will promote your tour on campus, for events, and to potential visitors.

What tour type do you recommend I start with? 

This is a personal preference, really. Our best practice is to launch a personalized tour, however many clients decide to launch a general campus (curated) tour first and then expand upon that content to develop their personalized tour. 

How many stops should be pre-made tour be? 

The sweet spot is 10-13 locations, but you are welcome to include more or less. Think about the size of your campus, your current guided tour and the attention span of a typical visitor. 

Will you help me develop my tour content?

While we do not help you develop your tour content, our optional, add-on, concierge service is designed to help institutions who may need extra support or recommendations. With this service, clients compile their tour content and the Full Measure team will create the first version of their tour to help them get started.

Our clients use existing resources to get started with their tour. Examples include:

  • Tour guide scripts
  • Ambassador handbooks
  • Existing virtual/paper map tours
  • Department websites

Can we meet more often if I need help?

Absolutely! Our team is here to provide insights and act as a resource throughout implementation and after the launch of your first tour. 

How is a tour stop created? 

Tour stops are build in a CMS-style platform and consist of a variety of content: 

  • Location description
  • Images/videos/testimonials 
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates 
  • Additional written content in the form of content heads and subsections 

How long does it take to build out an individual stop? 

This is dependent on if you have brainstormed and collected content already, but usually to build an entire stop would take 12-30 minutes. 

Where do I create my campaigns and tour content?

Access the Full Measure Platform to create campaigns, content cards, as well as view campaign activity and message students 1:1. To access the Full Measure Platform, navigate to [your school domain].fullmeasure.io. For example, winsford.fullmeasure.io. 

Access the Tour Building Platform to create and update tour content. To access the Tour Building Platform, navigate to https://content.adoraexperiences.com/ and log in. 

If you have any questions about what your domain name is or any other login issues, please submit a support ticket

I’m confused about how the tour content, content cards, and campaigns go together. How can I best utilize the platform?

Great question! Use campaigns to send out personalized content cards to groups of students about your institution and its tour offerings.

For example, utilize the Invitation to Tour content card template to invite students to your open house events. In your content card, include opportunities to take a virtual and/or in-person tour. Take it one step further by inviting a smaller group, such as accepted transfer students, and send a content card inviting them to take your Transfer Students tour. 

These three components are also designed for you to engage with visitors based on their tour interactions. Utilize the Post-Tour Follow-Up content card template to send specific information about what groups of visitors engaged with and provide opportunities to connect with your team. 

Do I have to use all four communication methods?

Refer to our Campus Visit Experience Overview page for more details on each of the communication methods:
The purpose of our communication methods is to cast the widest net with your tour(s). All of these methods are meant to layer onto your existing communication plan. Each institution can launch with as many methods as they would like and add them on at any time. We highly recommend using all four as they collect different pieces of data on the prospect (more details in the CVE Overview).
Contact your CSM or submit a support ticket to add a user to your account. Please have an idea of what you would like this user's role to be (for example: tour creation, content card creation, messaging 1:1, campaign creation, or access to everything.) Note: our team will check that you have not exceeded the allotted number of users from your contract. Additional users past contract terms can be bought based on their permissions. 
The Coalition for College tour consists of one, pre-made tour made up of 12 locations focused on access, affordability, and student success on your campus. As a member of the Coalition, it comes free of charge.
The full feature set of the Campus Visit Experience includes:
  • Personalized tour
  • Unlimited pre-made tours
  • Unlimited content
  • Adoption kit
  • Implementation team
If you are interested in expanding your partnership with Full Measure and the Campus Visit Experience, contact coalition@fullmeasureed.com.